What makes us different?


We focus on proactive measures to protect your entire family








Our goal is to ensure that all family members including minor children are protected from 

identity theft. According the the Federal Trade Commission, child identity theft is one of the

fastest growing crime in 2019 in the US and is expected to continue rising. The Identron identity protection plans offered by Identity Protection Planning provide more complete family protection than any other plan available on the market.


Identity Protection Planning Staff are CIPA certified

CIPA certification from the Identity Management Institute.

     The CIPA program helped  educate the Identity Protection

Planning Staff about the growing threat of identity theft

  especially among children.





"Rapid Response"

DNA/Child ID protection Kit

                                      Selected Identron plan comes with "Rapid Response".

It was created to quickly provide first responders 

the following information in the event of a lost or missing person.


                                                Blood type                                DNA sample

                                               Current photo                           Finger print chart

                                               Medical information                Detailed physical description

                                                                                                       including: birthmarks, scars,

                                                                                                        tattoos, height & weight

                          Identity theft protection is unfortunately, one of life's newest necessities.

Identity Protection Planning is here to help.