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About Dana

Founder of Identity Protection Planning

An organization that focuses on educating Americans about how they can protect themselves, their families and their businesses from the dangers of identity theft and cybercrimes

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US yet many people do nothing to protect themselves. Dana realized several years ago, a great need for cyber security education for non-technical folks.

"I help translate technical topics related to identity theft and cybercrimes so that non-technical people can understand"

-Dana Mantilia
A diffferent way

Comprehend the topic and retain the information

Dana finds a way to communicate complex cyber security knowledge in a way that can be understood by everyone. She breaks things down so that the audience can not only comprehend the topic but also retain the information. Adding a little bit of humor helps as well.

She has an audience of over 20,000 members that she educates on a daily basis with her short educational videos. She also virtually speaks to a variety of audience sizes and demographics.

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Cyber Security and Risk Mitigation

Harvard University

Certified Parent Academy Speaker

Digital Futures Initiative

Certified Identity Protection Advisor

Identity Management Institute

CMMC RP Registered Practitioner

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification


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We aim to deliver exceptional results

Dana has educated Medicare advisors, Insurance agents, Financial advisors, and a variety of employees on the reality of identity theft, cybercrimes, and how to protect against them.

Dana also records education videos with individual advisors. The advisors then present the videos to their specific client audience.