Important Contact Information


Direct line for reporting frau​d: 800-525-86285

Fraud Division

P.O. BOX 740250​

Atlanta GA 30374



Direct line for reporting suspected fraud: 888-397-3742

Credit Fraud Center

P.O. BOX 1017

Allen, TX 75013

888-EXPERIA (888-397-3742)

Trans Union

Direct line for reporting suspected Fraud: 800-680-7289

Fraud Victim Assistance Department

P.O. BOX 6790

Fullerton, CA92634

800-916-8800 / 800-680-7289

When contacting the Credit Reporting Agency

1. Ask to have your SS# flagged with a FRAUD ALERT

2. Request a copy of your credit report. If you have suspected fraud they are required to give you a FREE copy.

3. Review your report very thoroughly. Look for any accounts that you did not open or ones that

you do not believe that you have used yourself.






Other helpful phone numbers:

Social Security Administration

SSA Fraud Hotline: 800-269-0271

Here is the contact information for the Social Security department

There is a link to report fraud.

                 Federal Trade Commission

This is a link  to the FTC. It tells you how to place a fraud alert as well as the contact information

for the 3 major credit bureaus

Experian - Equifax - Transunion


This is the link to alert Medicare  that you have been a vicitim of identity theft.