Dana Mantilia

Dana Mantilia

Founder of Identity Protection Planning


Today's digital world is a new arena for everyone. Data is our most valuable asset. 

                                                                    We ourselves expose personal data via social media, websites and                                                                       email. Corporate data breaches assist criminals with the ability to                                                                        steal identities and commit cyber crimes like never before.




Dana recognized the need for cyber security education.

Everything she discovered was dry, boring and too technical

for the average person to grasp.

                                                                                      Dana is very passionate about educating on the                                                                                                    dangers of identity theft and cyber crimes in a manner                                                                                          that folks  will be entertained an memorable. Dana                                                                                                thought, "Why not have some fun while learning                                                                                                   about cyber security?"


Now you can provide very valuable and helpful  information to your clients and employees.

Dana speaks to audiences large and small in whatever format suits best. She can; host a live webinar, provide short educational videos, interview style videos with business owners, teach mini courses, provide email campaigns, etc.

Reach out to Dana if you are interested in discussing some cyber security training options.                              Your employees or clients will thank you. DMantilia@identityprotectionplanning.com

To get a flare for Dana's style, take a look at some of her sample videos.


Identity theft & cyber crime education and partnerships:

                                               Harvard University

                                               Cyber security certification; Managing Risk in the Information Age



                                               Identity Management Institute

                                              Certified Identity Protection Advisor


                                              Member of Infraguard 

                                              A non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership                                                                            between U.S. businesses and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 


                                              Partner with STOP THINK. CONNECT

                                             A global online safety awareness campaign to help all digital citizens stay safer                                                   and more secure online. A coalition of private companies, non-profit and                                                             government organizations with leadership  provided by the National Cyber                                                           Security Alliance ( NCSA) and the APWG. 


A sample of  Dana's videos

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