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Identity Protection Planning partners with individuals,

businesses, employers and associations who want to

offer Identron identity theft

protection products.

Identron Identity theft

protection plans can provide

an additional revenue stream

for your business.

It can also be utilized as a

complimentary, value-added benefit for your clients and employees.


A way of saying, "Thank you" 

for choosing to be a part

of your organization.



When we receive your request,

we will email you the program


Review the program. If you are  interested in working with us,

complete and return the

affiliate  partner application.

Upon approval, a member of

the Identity Protection Planning

staff will contact you and guide

you through the start up process.

We promise to be here for you

all the way.

Send me more details!



By protecting you clients, members or employees you

are ensuring that should they become a victim of identity

theft, they will have you to


This is a great way to become

a super hero in the eyes of an identity theft victim.

Expand your services and benefits to your client base and employees.  Offer a new layer of  protection.