Phone Scams

Phone scams have been around for a very long time. Unfortunately, they are not going away because innocent people are still falling for them.

The elderly are especially vulnerable. Sometimes they are a bit lonely and happy to talk to someone on the phone.

The scammers are often very friendly and more than happy to continue supplying false or fake information about their scam. All of the additional information  adds validity to their scam.


 They may even direct the caller to a website that features other "satisfied customers". These customers, known as shills, are likely as fake a

s their praise for the company.  

Here are a few red flags to help you spot telemarketing scams.


If you hear any of the  lines below that sounds like this,

say "no, thank you", and hang up:

- You've been specially selected (for this offer).

- You'll get a free bonus if you buy our product.

- You've won one of five valuable prizes.

- You've won big money in a foreign lottery.

- This investment is low risk and provides a higher return than you can

   get - anywhere else.

- You have to make up your mind right away.

-You trust me, right?

- You don't need to check our company with anyone.

- We'll just put the shipping and handling charges on your credit card.


Join the National Do Not Call List

Register your home and mobile phone numbers with the

National Do Not Call Registry.

This won’t stop all unsolicited calls, but it will stop most.

If your number is on the registry and you still get calls, they’re probably from scammers ignoring the law. Hang up, and report them at