Ask yourself the following questions


Do I know the physical location of:

Active and inactive credit cards?

Social Security cards for myself and my family members?

Birth certificate, Wedding license, Divorce decree?

Investment statements?

Health insurance Card, Drivers license?

Has this ever happened to me?

Wallet or purse ever been lost or stolen?

Do I?:

Check my credit each year?

Review statements of my active and zero balance credit cards?

Renew my computer anti virus software when it expires?

Question fishy looking emails and avoid clicking on them?

Check my mailbox every day?

Shred credit card offers or other pieces of mail with personal information when disposing such items?

Remind my children that they should not be sharing their own or my personal information?

Have different passwords for all of my internet accounts?

Change my passwords frequently?

Use public Wifi?

If you answered " No"

to any of the above questions, you may be at

risk for potential identity theft. Identity Protection Planning

is here to  assist you with tools to help safeguard your identity 

both online and offline.