Teens posting on social media

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Kids have access to age inappropriate apps and expose personal information on the internet

Children have grown up online.

They do not understand the ramifications that result from

sharing either their own or a family members personal information online.


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                 Help parents, educators and kids navigate the social media world.


           What children and teens should not be posting online:

- Drunk or Stoned Photos / Videos

- Naked or nearly naked pictures

- Videos of you or your friends doing stupid things

- Driver’s License / Passport

- Party Details such as; date, time, address

- Videos of you or your friends doing anything illegal

- Passwords, phone #s, Social security #

- Gossip or bullying

- Parent’s compensation information

- Family legal or personal matters

- Parents employment status: like "My Mom Hates her Boss Mr. Peters”


- Political views

- Banking information

- Pictures or information about family jewelry or Art collections

- Personal information about a divorce or breakups

- Travel/ vacation information

- Mother’s maiden name