Who is watching your Child's ID

Identity theft isn't just an adult problem. ...

More than 1 million children were victims of identity  fraud last year* 

 2/3 of victims under age 7 

Every day, more and more social security numbers for children are sold on the dark web.


How does  your child's social security  number get into the wrong hands?






​                         School                       Camps                 Sports            Data Breaches

When a child starts school, camps and sports parents are filling out form after form with their

child's personal information, including social security numbers.


Parents typically do not check SSN activity for minor children. They feel that there is no need because

their children have not taken out any credit card or home loans.

However, that does not mean that someone else is not using their identity to do just that.


This can go undetected for years and years until your child attempts to apply for a loan or credit card.

By that time they may be dealing with unraveling years and years of defaulted accounts.






Protect your Family

* According to the Federal Trade Commission

Kids either do not realize how much personal information they

are exposing when they are on the internet.

Children have grown up online.

They do not understand the ramifications that result from

sharing either their own or a family members personal information online.

 Teens posting on social media